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Grounded & No Stress
YOUR Personal Assistant No.1:

"I’am always ready to go, and I’m pleased to serve you throughout your day." - PA NO.1

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A 100% natural skin oil fragrance with a mission. For men & women.

This product is beautifully composed with some of the most amazing essential oils that we could find. These essential oils are known to have a positive influence in your physical and mental health by improving the cognitive response of both. Aside from the therapeutic benefits on your body and mind, PA No.1 Grounded & No Stress delivers a delicate scent that is 100% natural.

More and more Dr's are highlighting the benefits of using essential oils for body and mind.

                        You won't find any ingredients you can't pronounce in our PA's. Grounded & No Stress likes it natural and so do we. We source our premium ingredients from all over the world to offer you the perfect blend. Since essential oils smell different depending from the part of the world, we have pinpointed where to source our ingredients to offer you that specific delicate scent.

Handmade Product

Because our PA's are made from natural products and are handcrafted, that makes each PA No. 1 one-of-a-kind. Therefore, each PA No. 1 may be subject to small compositional differences in color and smell. This makes your PA No. 1 Grounded and No Stress just as unique as you!

Shake well before use!

The essential oils in your PA No. 1 have unique and special characteristics, along with their own densities. Therefore, shake well before you use your PA so all the different oils can blend together for optimal strength - all while enjoying it's beautiful scent at its best.

Read what PA No.1 can do for you and learn about the multiple ways how to use it:




    "The main goal of our PA No. 1 Grounded & No Stress is to make your life just a little bit better."

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