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Multiple uses


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PA no

A 100% natural skin oil fragrance with a mission. For men & women.

Roll-on and inhale
The PA No.1 is perfect to roll onto your skin. Roll a little on your neck, a little dash under your nose, the inside of your wrists, back of your hands, gently all over the face or any place of your choosing. This can vary depending on your needs and the reason for the application. 

SIDE NOTE: Be careful the oil does not come in direct contact with your eyes as it might cause irritation.


Not the roll-on type? We've got you covered! By inhaling the essential oil, you still achieve some of the great benefits it has to offer. Go onto '2.This product could help you with...'. to learn about these benefits.

The PA essential oils are NOT made to use with oil burners or diffusers.                        


Our product and the sun

Be careful while in direct exposure with the sun after using your PA No.1. The essential oils bergamot, petitgrain and neroli, in this product, are photo-toxic. This means that they can discolor your skin lightly when exposed to direct sunlight (UV rays). If you might be out and about in the sun, just make sure to keep those areas covered. 

Also the sensibility of your skin can be increased by using photo-toxic essential oils if your skin will be exposed to the sun (and UV rays). Therefore we recommend you not using our PA No.1 if you're going out in the sun or under a solarium. However, the chance will be small that sensibility or discoloring of your skin will appear, because we've diluted these essential oils with sweet almond oil (a carrier oil) for you. The chance to experience discomfort after using neroli, bergamot and petitgrain in the sun is higher when you use undiluted oils. 


"The smell of our PA No.1 Grounded & No Stress skin oil gives you a good feeling and plays with your senses."

Read what PA No.1 can do for you and learn more about the different ingredients:



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