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"Yes, I know she likes me." - PA No.1


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A 100% natural skin oil fragrance with a mission. For men & women.

Stress / strain

PA No.1: Grounded & No Stress skin oil will help you to reach a state of relaxation and serenity. This is achievable by the ingredients that PA No. 1 has, such as lavender and neroli oils. The scent of lavender sends a signal to the brain, and the brain will send a signal to the body to relax. This helps to activate your parasympathetic system. There are several ways to activate this part of the nervous system. During the Slim & Shape Yoga workout you will learn how to achieve this through your breathing.

The bergamot in our product can have an effect on reducing the production of stress hormones during uneasy situations. Vetiver, also an ingredient in this skin oil, is a very powerful oil against stress. Vetiver provides the right balance of your vata, pitta and kapha (constitution). This decreases stress and improves sleep. Vetiver will also have a positive effect on your intestines. 

Emotional Fluctuations

Emotional eating - we've all been there! Being on track with your healthy eating habits, and out of nowhere, you had something happen that made you slip... and that momentary good feeling as you ate your most comforting food. Unfortunately, those good feelings were just an illusion as you continue to be an emotional wreck, while having that junk inside your body.

PA No. 1: Grounded & No Stress helps you during the times when your emotions are working overtime. The scent sends your brain a signal, which allows your body to be grounded once again. The neroli and vetiver oils help you against emotional fluctuations. Also, the neroli oil has a positive effect on your heartbeats (to become calmer) and reduce nervousness.



We all have moments in life we don't want to face. We think it's better not to speak up, so we are eaten away by the anxiety. That feeling of fear - we all know it too well. And even though anxiety is a part of life, there are ways to significantly reduce those feelings. One of these ways is using PA No. 1 as a nightly routine. The bergamot oil works to tackle anxiety and research proves to significantly reduce those emotions. So if you have anxiety, or know your triggers, keep PA No. 1 handy at a moments notice.

Anxiety and depression go hand in hand. We know from our own experiences how much trouble this can bring to your life. Our PA No. 1: Grounded & No Stress is a terrific aid to give you a little support when you need it most. Research shows that the lavender oil can have a positive effect on mild forms of depression.


PA No. 1: Grounded & No Stress helps you calm down and works against nervousness.

Nightly Rest 

Thanks to the addition of neroli and lavender oils in our Grounded & No Stress blend, you can use it right before you go to bed. These oils make you relaxed to be able to drift away in a peaceful rest.


The neroli and vetiver oils are known for their anti-aging properties. Neroli oil is also widely used in beauty products against wrinkles. Vetiver oil is amazing! Not only does it renew your skin, lessen redness caused by the sun, reduce dryness, eczema - it has amazing anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Vetiver is widely used for acne and inflammation of the skin. PA No. 1 - delivers long-term positive results. The bergamot we have carefully selected for this blend, also works to tackle acne. Giving you double fighting power! The cold-pressed sweet almond oil makes a great skin moisturizer keeping the skin nice and smooth.

PA No. 1 Grounded and No Stress is a perfect companion before bed. Rejuvenate your hands and face while you sleep.

Diminish pigment spots
When used consistently on your pigment spots, this product will slightly start to diminish them to become less visible. What a great added benefit! This is because this blend ensures your skins renewal.


Great Scent

With PA No. 1 Grounded & No Stress on your skin, you will smell wonderful! These natural oils are known for their amazing smell. Due to the special blend of these 5 oils in their own specific amounts, a unique scent is born. Something you cannot purchase elsewhere. This scent is a perfect pairing for both men and women.

Special Application for Women

Gently massage over your stomach during your monthly cramps. The lavender and neroli oils in this blend have great soothing benefits.

Tip: Tip: Moisturize your neck and chest after a nice shower or bath to feel like new again.





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